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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Q: Why do my tires look deformed?

A: Don't worry this doesn't mean they are defective.  Most aftermarket ATV tires are shipped to the US from Asia.  When they ship them they are squished down very tight so they can fit more on the boat.  Sometimes it take several days for them to go back to their normal shape.  They form into shape faster if they are ridden in warm weather.

Q: What payment types do you accept?

A: We accept: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and PayPal.  We also accept mailed in cashiers checks and money orders. For mailed in checks, call for a total.

Q: If I order on-line how many items will I receive?

A: If 1 item is ordered you will receive 1 item, except the Tire/Wheel Kits, they are sold as a pair i.e. if you order 1 Tire/Wheel Kit you will receive two tires mounted on two wheels.

Q: When will my order ship?

A: Orders are usually shipped the same day if received by Noon Pacific Time Monday - Friday.  Orders received on the weekends or holidays will be shipped the next business day.  The only reason a shipment will not occur in this time frame is if the items are on backorder or if there is a payment issue.  We will try our hardest to inform you if anything is on backorder via e-mail or telephone.

Q: Do you have any paper catalogs?

A: Not at this time.

Q: How long does it take for delivery of my order?

A: Click here to see map.

Q: Will center caps work with aftermarket wheels?

A: Not usually.  However, there are a few wheels that will take center caps.

Q: Will my original lug nuts work with aftermarket wheels?

A: Yes, in most cases.  Sometimes the OEM wheel has tapered lug nuts and most after market wheels take flat lug nuts.  Just turn the lug nut around and put it on backwards and it should be fine.  If you can't get a wrench on the lug nut when it is on backwards then you may need new lug nuts.

Q: I can't find my original tire size?

A: Aftermarket tire sizes can (and in a lot of cases will) be different from OEM.  The thing to remember is the first two numbers in the tire size are not as critical as the last number. For example:  20-11-9 -- The 20 is the tire height.  The 11 is the tire width and the 9 is the wheel height.  If you are not purchasing new wheels with your tires the last number has to be the same or the tire will not fit on your wheel.  The width of a rear wheel is typically 8" to 9" and the fronts are typically 5" to 6" wide.  The width of the wheel is typically not that critical.  You can put anywhere from an 8 inch wide tire to a 13 inch wide tire all on an 8 inch wide wheel.

Q: What does OEM mean?

A: Original Equipment Manufacturer.

Q: What will happen if I go from a 20 inch tall tire to a 22 inch tall tire?  See also: Tire Disc. Link

A: Depending on your engine size you may lose horse power.  It will also give you more top end speed and you will gain one inch in ground clearance.

Q: What will happen if I go from a 20 inch tall tire to an 18 inch tall tire?

A: You will get better response from a dead stop (out of the hole) and in lower gears.  You will also lose one inch in ground clearance.

Q: What is a wheel offset?  See also: Wheel Disc. Link

A: From where you bolt the wheel to the hub of your bike will be the center or starting point.  A 2+3 offset is two inches from the center to the inside of the wheel and is three inches from the center to the outside of the wheel or valve stem side.  A 3+2 offset is of course just the opposite.   Three inches from the center to the inside of the wheel and two inches from the center to the outside of the wheel or valve stem side.  A 2+3 offset will make the wheels and tires wider on the bike.

Q: My bike came with 9" wheels, can I put 8" or 10" wheels on my bike?

A: Yes, if the bolt pattern is less than 4/130.  If the bolt pattern is 4/136 to 4/143 the smallest wheel you can go with 9" if your bolt pattern is 4/156 the smallest wheel you can go with is 10".

Q: What is a bolt pattern?

A: A bolt pattern is how many stud holes are in your wheel and how far apart opposing stud holes are from each other.  Example: 4/110 is four stud holes 110 millimeters apart. Click here for a list of bolt patterns that are printable.

Q: How do I measure a bolt pattern?

A: If it has four stud holes measure from the center of one stud hole to the center of the stud hole across the hub.  If it is a 3 or 5 stud wheel you need to make an imaginary stud hole directly across the hub as if it were a 4 stud wheel.  It is kind of a best guess.  Another way to measure 3 or 5 stud wheels is measure from the center of one stud to the center of the next closest stud then call or e-mail us with the measurement and we will translate for you.  Finally, print out your bolt pattern to see if it matches up with your hub, then use the part number on the print-out that matches.

Q: Are after market tires supposed to be the exact height and width as stamped on the side wall?

A: There are very few tires that are exactly what they say on the side wall.  Most are a bit shorter and more narrow than stamped. However, some are a bit wider than stamped and very few if any are taller than stamped.  It also depends on how much air pressure you have in your tires.

Q: How much air pressure should I put in my ATV tires?

A: We recommend about 3 to 5 PSI.  Skat Trak recommends at least 5 PSI in there paddle tires.
ITP Has the following recommendations for their tires ITP recommendations